Supporting the healing process

As long as I can remember, I was the guy with the "listening ears".  My friends shared their pain, their rejection, and their wounds and I did what I could to help them.

As I matured,  the desire to hear and empathize grew into a  mission to help others heal.  I would hear stories from friends, co-workers and complete strangers and regardless of who they were, I would still do whatever I could to help them find a place of peace.

Now, as the CHO (Chief Healing Officer) of Soldja Activewear, I stand with a company that supports the healing process.  We donate a portion of all proceeds to non-profit organizations who
share the same mission.  We currently have the YWCA of Greater Richmond and Act 4 Life on board as they respectively give hope to victims of rape and domestic violence or hope through the arts.

Together, let us bring healing to our communities.  Thank you for your support.

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